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You know how you can tell a shitty, low quality human from a decent one?

Shitty people shoo your old, stinky geriatric dog away without letting her say hello.

Gazing into a volcano that happens to hold the Earth’s purest and most clean water. Crater Lake is a striking cobalt blue due to the clarity if the water. I was fortunate enough to soak my toes in her majestic waters. The hike down is equivalent to 65 stair cases, which makes for a grueling way back up. 

It was worth the effort.

Y’all may reblog nature photos, but until you smell her and taste her, y’all just talking about what I know to be true.




This makes me so happy!

Why isn’t everyone this outraged about factory farms?

You’ll skip buying a Sea World ticket, but won’t give up that cheeseburger without a fight.

Uh, how do you know whether people are vegetarian/vegan and also avoid buying tickets?

there’s always something to pick at, right? 

you can research sea world yourself or pay attention to the blogs that post these things to perhaps understand the reaction. but don’t immediately think we disregard what goes on in factory farms or any other form of animal abuse. 

it’s like sharing awareness of starving children in Africa, then saying “What about slavery that continues around the world? Are you just ignoring that?”

Not every post can talk about every fucking thing at once. How on earth do you spread information that way? -_-

also, going back to dolphins, you appear to not know the mental structure and capability of cetaceans, which compares closely to that of a humans. that’s mainly why people are so outraged. 

Brain structures do not have to be similar to be equally deserving of basic rights.

All animals feel pain, fear and isolation.

That’s reason enough to question unnecessary cruelty inflicted on others.

Just had a beer for the first time in two months.

Kinda gross. Kinda good.

Goodnight, Portland

July 2014
Blue Basin at John Day Fossil Beds

Central Oregon

June 2014
John Day Fossil Beds

Central Oregon

June 2014

Reap what you sow.